Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arnab Goswami brilliant so far!

Last decade has been a path breaking process for visual media and those 'Breaking news" have increased the interest level of people into the news and events. After Doordarshan era was over when NDTV was picking the pace to monopolise the English media; Timesnow TV arrived and along with people; NDTV   too found it out of race when a single man from timesnow changed whole the equations of journalism. His style of anchoring the shows and news has made him a popular figure among masses but same time few of the people are there who think his style is absurd and he must remain in his limits. At least that is what Congress people complaint of.
This is in respect of recently concluded TV show on Timesnow TV when a veteran Congress leader perspired in front of him and refused to answer his questions which so far did not happened in Indian journalism I suppose.
He replied that government is not answerable to Arnab Goswami but to Supreme Court of India ; but isn't it that before that, the government is answerable to the same people whose government it is and the same people whom Arnab is a part of.
A people's elected government is obliged to answer the questions of those voices who ask government on behalf of people, after all every individual is not in such position to ask such questions which are bound to baffle Mani Shankar Ayyer or Manu Shighavi because when people choose the government, they expect from such people to run the country neat and tight.
And look what Congress did to us? Inflation and scam after scams.......was that the people voted Congress for? And now if Arnab ask those questions which Mr. Ayyer has no answers (I am sure he hasn't; for the prime minister himself of this country has run out of answers) is it Arnab's or a commoner's fault to ask the questions?
Mind it you don't answer the questions it does not mean that the questions will vanish. They will continue to exit.
Bureaucracy wants a journalist to ask only questions which they had a thumping answer. If some question is tossed to them out of league which I call tough question, as  Arnab asks them; there are lot many people who will shout foul in the name of journalism on this issue.
If we go through the data of Arnab community on facebook as well as other social sites, you will find him miles ahead in terms of popularity which is because he represents and asks the questions of millions of common Indians whose voice often goes unheard and unattended.
Now this is something you can understand, I can understand and Arnab followers understand but the shameless government does not understand that they are more answerable to the people than SC.


Shuchita Vatsal said...

Yes, there is great vacuum in the Lobby of true journalists. Most of us admire Arnabji because he has a nice work culture..He is fearless n impartial while carries out his debate on television. Serious question is but how many channels are working like him?? How many are enjoying the freedom of press in true sense..? We all now electronic media makes quick public opinions which is quite helpful to democratic setup but how mny are impartial n not Pro govt. Don't you feel Channels Like IBN7 NDTV provide us with propagandas n partial truth? This is the biggest hindrance in path of effective media which may help in formation of true n constructive public opinions.What you wrote is absolutely correct about Arnab ji. keep writing..regards.

Anonymous said...

He is simply awesome
A true journalist and a man who is fearless and speaks the language of the common people ....
Its because of people like Arnab that common masses understand a few things . Not like some other paid media who just criticise and work for their own..... I personally salute Arnab