Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Pakistani on a facebook forum!

 Last night one of my colleague who was online, asked me why I was again back to blogging after such a long gap for which I hadn’t any immediate answer, however later on, when I mustered the thoughts I found it was due to my growing activities on where I will be in ferocious discussions, left  often contended and satisfied, disturbed most of the occasions with a sense of emptiness and frustration and the blog is the ideal place to flush out your anger.
Last few days have been quite dramatic when we have these Pakistanis joined in a community called India! Jai ho! And where; they like many Pakistanis, are trying to be the caretakers of Kashmiris.
 I had a thread of discussion, where I found these Pakistani responding with their full capacity.
 One of them at most of the occasion appered running out of justifications,logics and clueless however he is very clear at one point. He wants us to believe that if Pakistan has a failed state, so has India.
I thought he would be in the forum with logics and suggestions but he was hell bend to prove his point where he wants to destroy India. Very natural as an enemy of the state India! The enmity continued to get bitter and bitter like our mutual inter-national, so to conclude that discussion I had following few lines to him and one and all Pakistani.
 I hope it was hostility at it’s best provoked by a Pakistani.
 When you joined this community, you were forced to "like" this forum dear Pakistani. None invited you, Facebook is banned there by few mullah and since no forum in your country works perhaps you are here.
You are right Shahzad, we lost in 1965 war to China. Honestly, we lost this war one-sided and we lost very much man and machine courtesy our then PM Nehru.
But we accepted our defeat gracefully and we took the lessons.
Same time we gave respect China as an enemy it deserved.
We did not open a pseudo war with it. It was a war, we lost, we accepted, we knew China had more power that's it. Point is that we accepted the fact.
Whereas in your case , your country behaves like a jackal which barks till the moment the predator turns it's face to it and it starts crying, running with tail in between the legs. Do you have anything superior to us?
If you go through my blog posts you will see that I did not mentioned China should be declared as an enemy country thought we have hardly anything to do with China in terms of economy or politically.
Where as I suggested Pakistan be declared as an enemy country because Pakistan has nothing to offer us. Nothing. Overall character of your country has been as like of a child.
Moreover you keep on quoting Nehru said this and that.
I told you he was a poet and what he said; said. Who cares, if we don't give Kashmiris, freedom.
We will keep on pumping few more bullets into any anti national element.
Shazad, this a democratic country though but few get executed to set an example.
What is the value of Pakistan I don't need to explain.
And frankly speaking as an enemy, I enjoy your country fighting within, Shias killing Sunnis and vice versa. Every day one fidayeen intruder goes inside a mosque blowing himself and 50 others. That is how daily system works in Pakistan.
I enjoy when world declares Pakistan as the most unsafe place in the world to visit. If don't believe, go through this article which is published in your own country's newspaper.
I enjoy Pakistan GDP at 2%. What an economy man.!!!

I enjoy Pakistan begging worldwide when there was flood in your country. Poor country hasn't money but wanted a NUCLAR BOMB.
I was happy to know that Pakistan's could not defend a guest Srilankan cricket team from attacks. That is the level of security poor Pakistan can afford to give it's guests.
I am happy to know latest wiki leaks that the head of the country arranges his family arrangements in UAE in the possibilities of his murder. Poor head, he himself is not sure about his own life, don't ask about a commoner's life.
I enjoy that no cricket playing country visited Pakistan for last 3 years. PCB is at the edge of bankruptcy begging world's most affluent board BCCI for help. Now they are having their some local tournaments where any one can fix the player. The winner is one who has more money.
I enjoy the players from Pakistan getting caught in match-fixing. Players running away from a running match to other country, later asking for political asylum. What a fun......Yet there are so many names to come tomorrow. May be this time it appear Azaj Butt himself is in fixing who knows!
I enjoy Pakistani ex players in Indians sports channel because Pakistan has nothing to offer them as per their caliber. Here at least they can have "Rozgar".
I enjoy Pakistanis in our TV channels begging for work because Pakistan has a poor "Lollywood"; standard of which is not even equal to our Bhojpuri films.
I enjoy those "Drones" hammering in their heads day and night subtracting daily dozens of Pakistanis and poor Pakistan even doesn't complaint? Whom to complaint? The only ally it could complaint is the one who is pounding it day and night. Poor Pakistan what else can it do? Only options let the citizen be killed. Lol!
I enjoy in the recent 8 people caught from Spain out of which 7 are Pakistani.
Terrorism, Sports, politics, from every field of life, look how Pakistani are flying the name of PAKISTAN high............I really want to have a laugh.
Shahzad appears a naive guy, living in his utopian dreams that he can achieve something for Kashmir.
It is a general human nature when your enemy grows and your own pieces are not falling into places then he has only two options:
1.Either he goes mad due to jealousness.
2.He commits suicide.
With no regards to Shahzad,
We are your enemy and I am dead enemy of Pakistan. But I am not someone who will do anything this moment to destroy your country, because your country is destroying by itself.
I love watching Pakistan in flames as you love to see India in.
I am fortunate but you are not.
Because with us everything we wish are falling into the places we wished for.
For you journey is getting tougher and tougher with each passing day.
I am your open enemy who hasn't any hesitation to tell you that with any available opportunity I will bring down Pakistan and a Pakistani.
As a Pakistani it's your duty to respond in same way.
But you are week so at the end of the day it counts who the winner is.
I gave you respect as an individual not as A Pakistani. I told you, I will not hesitate to harm any Pakistani no matter even if he is a Hindu whose is against the benefits of india.
For you it is the best time to quit this forum because of two reasons.
1. You are weak and nobody listens weak people.
2. You don't have any though orientations.

And lastly; you should keep your energy reserved to lift the dead bodies of Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar courtesy to your fellow brothers.

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