Friday, March 4, 2011

Enogh is enough Mr. Prime Minister!

Brought to the knees by opposition on JPC issue, there were so many intellectuals in the society and in general discussion here on facebook as well, who questioned over the motive of opposition; specifically BJP; why they are at dead end for formation of a JPC which will look into the 2G scam. Time proved that scam happened and Raja is rightly in the jail.

Congress defended itself and I thought may be this PM was an honest man if not Congress.Frankly speaking I love to hate Congress but as I am told this PM is a good one, I thought of giving him due respect as an individual. What else an average Indian, who is busy in his day to day fight against inflation, 9 to 5 job, a family and social responsibilities and commitments has to do with the power politics in Delhi? Who did think of those crores of rupees piled in those Swiss bank? After all I am happy if I am getting few weeks of leave a god payment and relatively good life!

Well people say that Manmohan Singh is an honest man and I naively believed on it. We make opinion as per the news and people around us talk. Don't we?

Anyway, than one fine day the man agrees to form the much demanded JPC.

Than comes the appointment of Thomas, as a Chief Vigilance Commissioner who fought till date tooth and nail to prove him right till proven wrong; on which right from the beginning, Congress including PM maintained that his appointment was a legalised one and opposition is making unnecessary hue and cry.

Last day The Honourable Supreme Court of India tore apart this argument of Congress and unable to save (Hide) his face, the Prime minister bravely takes whole blame on him. Height of bravery and innocence; few people called it.

Than this day Honourable Supreme Court again blasts away the policy of government on Hasan Ali Tax issue and wanted to know why the government has been delaying the issue?
 Enough is enough.

Has this government gone insane and the PM wild? Don't they see how many time they have been charged for intentional delay on sensitive issues and corruption? And don't they feel how shameful it is to be taken to the task by the courts and committees?

Is there any limil for shame for this government and prime minister?

With all my senses I want to convey : This has been the most unproductive, timid, stupid,cunning prime minister in the history of India. As an individual when very often I go through the frequent failure of this government; my blood boils. I feel let down and I want that; like so many other occasions; the Prime Minister should hereby take the responsibility for my health for not performing what was expected from him.

Sorry to say Mr. Manmohan Singh, you lost your respect in the eye of a very ordinary Indian who by misfortune can't harm you in anyway. Don't worry!


nice_n_funny said...

Your choice of expletives sums up the anger you hold for the poor old man, Mr. Manmohan Sigh.

I can also understand that Congress is corrupt (as you so vehemently emphasize). But my we have a choice? None of the current lawmakers can be termed morally upright, by any stretch of imagination. An Thomas can be thrown out because he has been charge sheeted in a case ( I am not his fan and I support the SC verdict)and our lawmakers who made much hue and cry over it, forget conveniently that 24 % of their ilk are charge sheeted in some or the other cases. So do they deserve to be there? And this is apart from those cases where investigations and inquiries are pending. The "custodian of law" has to be upright (in this case Thomas) and the "law makers" need not be. How ironical? These B******* are all the same. And we also conveniently forget a fact, that it is the commoner (the one who loves his little pleasures in life) who elect these idiots to their high office. So aren't we all also morally corrupt.....

Shuchita Vatsal said...

Well written blog.. Genuine feeling expressed in genuine words of all those who love their motherland.. Really It's our Misfortune that still people around us are quite ignorant.. But Sir your feelings won't go in vain..Atleast people are united on Issues.. Off-course we must pray to God that he gives, all of us power n patience to be united & to withstand the adverse winds n dividing policies of Cong. Specially the month of JUNE(4th & 25th june)will boil the bloods of many like us.. Lets pray that our country will soon get rid of this Pseudo Gandhi Dynasty.